Plea for viable solution:Open letter to Nicos Anastasiades & Mustafa Akinci

Plea for a viable solution

Gentlemen, is a viable solution possible? Gentlemen, are you the leaders for peace?

Ahmet Gazioglu’s 1990 book The Turks in Cyprus, A province of the Ottoman Empire (1571-1878), covers the history of the Turkish Cypriots, but his facts are not always very accurate. At one stage he writes that in 1572 about 1,689 families were sent to Cyprus from Central Anatolia, saying “every immigrant selected for resettlement to Cyprus underwent an investigation as to his good behaviour and character.” However, later he publishes a translation of the original firmani (decree) ordering the transportation of people to Cyprus (dated September 9, 1571). “The following people will be sent to the said island: people living in barren, rocky, steep places; people who are in need of more land; those who are known for their bad character and unlawful activities,” it says.

Whatever the truth of the type of Turkish settler who came to Cyprus, and despite the effects of the centuries since 1571 on Cyprus, I still find Alexander the Great’s quote as valid today as it was when he first uttered it in 324 BC: “It is my wish, now that wars are coming to an end, that you should all be happy in peace…. For me any good foreigner is a Greek and any bad Greek is worse than a barbarian.”

I stated the above to emphasise that I do not distinguish a human being according…………..

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