People of Cyprus: The Videos



People of Cyprus Part 1: An Overview

In the first video, the Cypriot Puzzle examines the population development on the island.

When did the first inhabitants of the island arrive?
Who has passed from the island and what were the significant historical developments that influenced it?
How did the population shape after the independence of Cyprus?
What is the number of Cyprus’ inhabitants today and how can they be classified?



Part Two: The Communities

In the second video, the Cypriot Puzzle focuses on the vast majority of the People of Cyprus.

Which are the two communities that make up the vast majority of the People of Cyprus?
What are their stories on the island and what are their traits?
What is the number of people comprising each community today?
Have these communities ever co-existed?


Part Three: The Minorities

In the third video, the Cypriot Puzzle discusses the rest of the ‘citizens,’ the three constitutionally recognized minorities.

What are the minority groups in Cyprus?
What is their story on the island?
How has their population developed through the years?
What are the historical developments that influenced them?
What are their population numbers today?

Part Four: Non-citizens

In the fourth video, the Cypriot Puzzle looks at the non-citizens of Cyprus.

What is the number of non-citizens on the island today?
Which groups does this category include?
Are all, some, or none of these groups stakeholders in Cypriot polity?


This action was made possible through the Youthopia Small Grants Scheme, implemented by MAGEM and YOUTH POWER and funded by the European Union.

This action was only possible thanks to the voluntary work of the Cypriot Puzzle team.

All contents are the sole responsibility of the Cypriot Puzzle and can in no way be taken to reflect the views of the European Union.





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