Patriotic wolves baying for US blood

Tales from the Coffeeshop: Patriotic wolves baying for US blood

THE PATRIOTIC wolves were baying for the blood of the departing US ambassador John Koenig after he told a University of Cyprus audience last Tuesday that the Cyprob was “not an issue of invasion and occupation.”

It was a comment calculated to anger Greek Cypriots, suggesting that even experienced diplomats allow their personal feelings and grudges get the better of them. Koenig may be a bit pissed off with us because he had worked hard to help the peace efforts, and in recognition of this he was publicly insulted by Prez Nik in the memorable television outburst against the untrustworthy Yanks. Nik also refuses to see him.

He therefore grabbed the opportunity to get his own back. His views caused mass hysteria, inspiring many thousands of words of vitriol in the papers (Phil had three columnists savaging him on Thursday) and on websites. Politicians had a chance to show off their bravery – the level of bravery needed to attack a sheep – by calling for the horrid Yank’s immediate deportation.

The Alliance of Lillikas was among the bravest, calling on the government to declare Koenig persona non grata and to ask for his immediate recall by Washington…………….

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