Ozyigit: The guarantees should be discussed after the solution

Turkish Cypriot daily Kibris newspaper (28.08.15) reports that Cemal Ozyigit, chairman of the Social Democracy Party (TDP), has claimed that “the guarantees should be discussed after a possible solution [to the Cyprus problem] together with the abolition of the trust crisis”.

“It is not very correct to discuss this as long as the trust crisis exists”, he argued in statements to Anatolia news agency. He said that the Greek Cypriots may not need Greece’s guarantees for their security, but the “Turkish Cypriots still have some problems on the security issue”. He argued: “Some painful incidents have been experienced years ago. It is essential for these painful incidents not to be repeated. Therefore, we say that the guarantees should be discussed after a possible solution with the abolition of the trust crisis”.

Referring to the “rotating presidency”, Ozyigit described it as “one of the fundamental parameters of the political equality”. He alleged: “The length of time of the rotating presidency could be discussed but everyone will see that a Turkish Cypriot, as politically equal community, will be able to be at the head of a federal Cyprus which will be established”. He further pointed out to the importance of ensuring the formation of the council of ministers and the decision taking mechanism.
Ozyigit said that the territory and the property is the thorniest aspect of the negotiations. He argued that both the pre-1974 owners of the properties and their up-to-now users have rights on them, something on which, he alleged, decisions of international organizations and courts exist. He noted that in case of a conflict, the decision of the Property Commission will be taken as basis and added:

“We think that there will be no serious trouble. The following should also be said: The issue of where especially the people who live in these properties for 41 years will go, the people who live at some villages along the borders which possibly will be returned, the issue in which houses and when they will be settled is extremely important. We have to understand these people, we have to respect them, because a new way of life has been formed for 41 years”.

Noting that they trust Turkish Cypriot leader Akinci and his team, Ozyigit said that in an agreed solution everyone will be able to say that the property in which he stays belongs to him.

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