Ozgurgun: “A conflict can occur”


Turkish Cypriot daily Havadis newspaper (17.05.17) reports that the self-styled prime minister and leader of the National Unity Party (UBP) Huseyin Ozgurgun, visited yesterday Havadis and claimed that there will be tension in Cyprus after the drilling that the Greek Cypriots will start in July.

Ozgurgun stated that if tension is rises it could lead to a hot conflict claiming that all these “are used by the Greek Cypriot leader as a tool for the forthcoming presidential elections”.

He went on to add that it will not be reasonable for the Turkish Cypriot side to leave the negotiation table at this point. He added: “You cannot leave the talks because you will be accused for it and no-one wants to take the blame. If you say ‘we are leaving the table’ a revolution will occur and strategically we are not at the point to say this”.

Asked on the possibility of “early elections” in the breakaway regime, Ozgurgun said that the “government’s” aim is to hold “elections” in April 2018.

Source: PIO

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