Ozersay argues that they could not postpone life because of the negotiations

Turkish Cypriot daily Vatan newspaper (07.03.16) reports that a delegation from the People’s Party (HP) headed by HP’s chairman, Kudret Ozersay visited occupied Prastio and Myrtou villages in Morfou area.
According to a statement issued by the party, Ozersay told the inhabitants of the above-mentioned villages that the unemployment and migration, which are experienced in the “west of the country”, have reached an unbearable dimension. He alleged that while investments are necessary to overcome these problems, the approach of “postponing the life” by showing as pretext the negotiations for finding a solution to the Cyprus problem could not be a correct approach.
Criticizing the approach of the Greek Cypriot leadership on this issue, Ozersay alleged: “Life continues for the Greek Cypriot side in spite of the negotiations. However, the leadership of the same community is trying to say to us do not make investments in these areas while the negotiations are continuing. What an insult, it is contrary to the nature of the negotiations to consider that they currently have in their pocket a certain area of this country”.
Ozersay argued that the past “administrations” of the regime had indirectly supported this mentality, as they delayed investments and prevented people from taking roots on these lands.
Referring to the plans of HP for this area, Ozersay said that they are considering of implementing an action plan adding that planning is needed for the university campus and other installations in the area to be restructured for contributing in the economy. “We are preparing this”, he noted adding that they do not accept the mentality that they should not invest on these lands until a solution to the Cyprus problem is reached.

Source: PIO

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