Our mothers have let us down


ONE THING we can safely say about the winner of the pseudo-elections, Mustafa Akinci, apart from the fact that he is the first pseudo-president to have a moustache, is that he is no mummy’s boy. Within an hour of his election he was out on the street openly telling mother Turkey to release the north from her suffocating embrace and let it grow up.

Speaking to supporters on Sunday night the mischievous Mustafa told them he did not want the north to remain the child of the mother country. After his election there would no longer be a ‘small country’ and the traditional ‘mother-daughter relationship’ between Turkey and the north would be replaced by a ‘new sisterly relationship’ of two countries, he said.

If the British tabloids were covering the story they would have come up with headline of the type, ‘Mustafa must ’av a screw loose’ as this sentiment was bound to incense the super-bully Tayyip Erdogan. It did. Asked for his views the next day, Erdogan put the Turkish Cypriot upstart in his place asking whether ‘his ears hear what he says?’

He reminded Mustafa that mummy Turkey was giving……..

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