Our Cyprus : A story set in modern-day London



We came across a campaign on indiegogo for a film in London by a Cypriot. You can see the entire campaign on its indiegogo page and pledge money if you wish.

Our Cyprus – The Story.

A story set in modern-day North London; Our Cyprus explores what happens when two opposing views collide.

An old Turkish Cypriot man, MEHMET-ALI, remembers a beautifully mixed Cyprus before the island was torn in two, a time when in his village, Lurucina, Greek and Turkish Cypriots lived as friends, neighbours and compatriots. He meets a young UK born Greek Cypriot man, ANDREAS who has been brought up with the pain and loss in the aftermath of the Cypriot troubles. As far as he is concerned, Turkish Cypriots are enemies.

For reasons that will be very apparent in the film, Mehmet-Ali cannot walk away from Andreas, but what will it take? What will be the personal cost to Mehmet-Ali to try to prove to Andreas that they two could be friends and not enemies? Can a single act of selfless courage overcome a lifetime of hatred?

To answer this question would to be to reveal the ending… and that’s something we just can’t bring ourselves to do.


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