Obama will take important steps on Cyprus issue until January 2017

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Columnist Tolga Tanis, correspondent of Turkish daily Hurriyet newspaper (17.11.16), under the title “Three critical chapters for the USA: Reza Zarrab, ISIS and Cyprus”, writes that it is expected that the Obama administration to take important steps on the issues of Zarrab case, the fight of ISIS and the Cyprus issue until January 20,2017.

On the Cyprus issue, Tanis writes the following: “The two communal leaders in Cyprus will continue the negotiations in Switzerland this weekend. The USA is planning the Cyrpus settlement to be cemented by the end of the year due to the duty changes in the UN and the presidential elections of the Greek Cypriot sector in 2018. The fact that the Obama administration left the duty of the Cyprus dossier to Victoria Nuland, Assistant Secretary of State for European and Eurasian Affairs at the US State Department, renders two upcoming critical months. An American high level officer told the paper that ‘Turkey needs the 33 thousand Turkish soldiers that are in the island in different place. For example, Syria.’ He also noted that Obama administration hinted that it will support the withdrawal of the Turkish soldiers from the island. However, on the issues of compensations, Washington said that they would support the Turkish side. US President Barack Obama, during his visit in Athens, said: ‘I think there is a window of opportunity for an agreed settlement of the Cyprus problem for the next weeks or months’, adding that transitional periods of adjustment may exist on the Cyprus issue.”

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