Obama: Cyprus a powerful and positive model for all

US President Barack Obama interview with Kathimerini.

Kathimerini newspaper reported that ahead of his visit to Greece the US President Barack Obama made a special statement touching upon the solution to the Cyprus problem.

Are you hopeful that the Cyprus issue could be resolved by the end of your administration and why is it important to the US?

Today, the prospects for a lasting settlement on Cyprus are the best we’ve seen in many years. The parties remain hard at work to achieve a bizonal, bicommunal federation that advances the interests of all Cypriots. I applaud the effort that the Cypriot leaders have put into the negotiations so far, and I hope they can soon arrive at a durable solution that will benefit all Cypriots.

A just and comprehensive solution for Cyprus would have historic and far-reaching impact. It would improve economic opportunities for all the people of Cyprus and enhance energy security in the Mediterranean region and beyond. It would create opportunities for US and European businesses – an alignment of interests that could be an engine for economic growth in the region. It could unlock new relationships and avenues of cooperation for Europe that would build on the decades-long project to make the continent freer, safer, and more prosperous. And it will demonstrate to the world today what can be achieved through dialogue, compromise, and diplomacy – a powerful and positive model for all.

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