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Nicos and Mustafa must pluck roses from thorny stems - The Cypriot Puzzle

Nicos and Mustafa must pluck roses from thorny stems

HOW did we, truly, move out of our course to such an extent? How did we manage to dump our principles into a gutter of insatiability? How did we throw behind a veil of oblivion the wise words of our fathers and our teachers of the past decades?

I was reading again the other day a poem by Costas Varnalis, out of his collection “The light that burns”, entitled “The mother of Christ”, in which Virgin Mary asks her son:

‘Why did you stand there and let them catch you? And furthermore when they asked “Who is Christ” why did you reply “It is me”?
Ah: My bitter mouth does not realise what it utters!

Thirty years have elapsed my son, and I still do not know you.

The innocent one allowed them to arrest him for the salvation of humanity. Even his mother did not anticipate it.

On the contrary, Cyprus of our days………………….

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