New survey on the “presidential elections” shows @DervisEroglu to receive 42%

Turkish Cypriot daily Kibris Postasi newspaper 917.03.15) reports that the “Karina Research Institute” (GAE) announced the results of a survey they carried out on the “presidential elections” to be held on April 19.

According to the results, Dervis Eroglu is ahead with 42% of the votes, CTP candidate Siber has 29%, Mustafa Akinci has 20%, Kudret Ozersay 7%, Mustafa Onurer 1% and Arif Salih Kirdag 1%

The full results (which include the indecisive and not voting responses) are:

Dervis Eroglu: 32.9%

Sibel Siber: 22.9%

Mustafa Akinci: 15.8%

Kudret Ozersay: 5.1%

Mustafa Onurer: 0.8%

Arif Salih Kirdag: 0.4%

Indecisive: 12.8%

Not voting: 9.3%

GAE institute chairman Asim Vehbi stated that the poll was carried out over 1,500 people. Vehbi said they also asked the question: if an election was held today, which party would you vote for? The survey results showed that 36.5% responded UBP, 26.5% CTP, 5.3% DP-UG and 7.5% TDP.


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