NEW poll shows forthcoming “presidential elections” results in T/c community

A NEW public opinion poll shows the forthcoming “presidential elections” to be held in the Turkish occupied north of Cyprus will run to a second round.

The results of the survey, which was held between 12 February and 2 March 2015 with the method of face to face interviews, show the following for the first round:

Dervis Eroglu 27.8%, Sibel Siber 21.8%, Mustafa Akinci 14%, Kudret Ozersay 7.3% and undecided 14.4%. Moreover, 11.1% of the respondents said that they were not thinking to vote.

Asked whether they think that the “elections” will have one or two rounds, 54.4% said that there will be two rounds and 33.4% that there will be one.

Asked which candidates they think that will remain to the second round, 44.5% said that the second round will be held between Eroglu and Siber, 29.7% between Eroglu and Akinci and 7.9% between Siber and Akinci.

Asked which candidate they will vote for if Eroglu and Siber remain to the second round, 36.2% said Eroglu, 35.9% Siber, 16.5% no one of them and 11.4% expressed no opinion or answer.

In case Eroglu and Akinci remain in the second round, 38.5% of the respondents said that they will vote for Eroglu, 28.2% for Akinci and 20% for no one of them. Those who replied that they had no opinion or they did not know were 13.3%.

If Siber and Akinci remain to the second round, 32.8% of the respondents said that they will vote for Siber and 25.5% for Akinci. The percentage of those who replied “no one” increases to 27.1% and those who had no view/answer were 14.6%.

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