A new life for Panagia Melandrina Church @UNDP_PFF

The Technical Committee on Cultural Heritage boasted another successful project with the completion of the emergency support measures for the church of Panagia Melandrina at the village of Bahçeli in the district of Girne.

The restoration project on the 15th century single aisle church which is part of a monastic complex began in April 2013 and cost 137 thousand Euros to complete.

Speaking at the short ceremony held in the church yard, the program manager for the UNDP Partnership for the Future (PFF) Tziana Zennaro gave information about the conservation work carried out on the building.

She said the project was an important step forward in the Technical Committee on Cultural Heritage’s work to safeguard tangible cultural heritage and ensuring its accessibility to present and future generations”.

Also speaking the co-chairman of the Technical Committee for Cultural Heritage Ali Tuncay said that a similar ceremony will be held on the 1st of March at the Evretu Mosque in Baf.

He also announced that work on the restoration and conservation of the Baf Hamam and Çerkez Mosque was also completed.

The Greek Cypriot co-chairman of the Technical Committee for Cultural Heritage Takis Hadjidimitriu said that they were working for the preservation of monuments on both sides which were part of the cultural heritage of both communities.

He said that work was continuing for the restoration of the Othello Castle and the Apostolos Andreas and Agios Panteleymon monasteries.

The Project Coordinator for the EU Support Office Alessandra Viezzer said that they will continue to support such projects in the future and that so far 6.7 million Euros has been spent on restoration projects in Cyprus since 2012.

The conservation works carried out included: general cleaning, supporting, excavation, consolidation and repairing of the walls; removal of debris and vegetation from the building and inside the yard; consolidation of deteriorated masonry in order to prevent it from further collapse, repairmen of the bell tower, portico, doors, windows, and wooden staircase as well as the iconostasis.

Church furniture were cleaned and placed back to their original location, and the altar has also been renovated.

Sections of the garden stonewalls were also repaired and olive trees were planted in the garden of the Church during the ceremony, to create an “Olive-grove for peace”.

More photos from the event from UNDP Partnership for the Future (PFF) facebook page:




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