Negotiator Olgun Ergun:T/c side prepared a road map up until end of year

TC negotiator Ergun Olgun speaking on Ada TV recently pointed out that following instruction by the President, they had prepared a road map for the talks up until the end of the year.

Olgun said the road map which was approved by the President and submitted to the UN showed all discussions on all issues to be completed by July and following the break in August, foresaw a multi-party meeting to be held in September with a referendum by the end of the year.

Olgun said all of these details were discussed in their recent meeting with Eide whilst he was on island. He pointed to Eide’s recent statements and also noted that he (Eide) could be the last Special Advisor of the UNSG to the island. He said the message he gave to both sides was to finish this deal. However Eide received strong reactions from the GC side and noted that the GC spokesman criticised Eide for allegedly protecting the TCs. Olgun said all Eide was trying to do was help realise an agreement between the sides for a federal partnership.

Drawing attention to the fact that the status quo on the island had to change, Olgun said statements or actions which protected the status quo would get us nowhere. He pointed to the road map they prepared and underlined that President Eroglu had requested it.

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