Need for “mutual empathy” By @ykanli


It is a fact that many people, including this writer, have been attacking Turkish Cypriot President Mustafa Akıncı for speaking with a more pro-Greek tone than what ought to be a pro-Turkish Cypriot rights focus. In his own words, Akıncı has been preoccupied with trying to empathize with GreekCypriots so much that he often presents an image of a Turkish Cypriot president who doesn’t care much about the sentiments, expectations and hopes of his people in a settlement to the Cyprus quagmire. It is indeed unjust to make such straightforward accusations and often this writer as well has been rather merciless in criticizing Akıncı even though he knew rather well about how respectful a relationship even Akıncı’s ardent opponents within his community have with him.

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  1. alexiko brown said:

    Why you chose these words of the article to be placed in the photo above? Is that the message of this propagandistic article?

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