Mustafa and Lellos have shown the way


Tomorrow we shall find out whether our aspiration for a solution of the long-standing Cyprus problem stands a chance to be realised, or whether we will continue to be faced with the same scenario of lack of political will on the part of the Turkish Cypriot leadership, with the full backing of Turkey.

Last Sunday, during the first round of the voting for a new leader of the Turkish Cypriot community, Mustafa Akinci, a progressive and pro-solution veteran politician, surprised everyone by gathering around his candidature the support of 26.92% of the voters, thus securing his participation in the second round this coming Sunday.

Mustafa Akinci will now challenge incumbent Dervis Eroglu, who got 28.18% of the vote.

Akinci has had a long-standing record of cooperation, during his lengthy tenure as Mayor of the Turkish sector of the capital, with his opposite number Lellos Demetriades, now retired …………….

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