“Motherland” vs “Baby Motherland” by Emre Metin Bilginer

Cyprus case has always been a highly sensitive issue among Turkish society. The nationalist discourses and actions redound a political power to Turkish politicians over Cyprus issue. In 1977, after Turkey’s military intervention to Cyprus, both CHP and center-right AP increased their votes by using Cyprus card during their electoral campaigns.

Since then Turkey followed status quo policy in the island until 2002. That year, Erdoğan came to power and he was so determined to take huge steps in the solution of Cyprus conflict. He worked hard for the unification of the island by the help of Annan plan. His determination was criticised severely by nationalist bloc of Turkey. AKP government interfered Cyprus politics in order to change the political atmosphere before unification referendum. AKP considered Cyprus issue as a biggest obstacle for Turkey’s EU membership and tried to instrumentalize conflict resolution for Turkey’s aim. After the referendum fail and European Union’s manner towards Northern Cyprus, AKP returned to factory settings of Turkey’s perspective over Cyprus issue. Since 2004, AKP did not take even single -considerable- step for the resolution of this conflict.

In 2010 Ahmet Davutoğlu, Minister of Foreign Affairs then, adapted “Zero Problems Policy”, but Turkey’s relations with Syria, Armenia, Cyprus, European Union, Egypt, Iran, Israel, Libya has worsened in 5 years.

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