Mixed messages on security

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Cyprus peace negotiators are receiving both positive and negative signals on the thorny issue of security guarantees in a reunited federal island, an insider told the Cyprus Weekly yesterday.

But the ball is in Turkey’s court. And Ankara is in political turmoil and no one seems to know whether this could help UN-brokered talks or not.

“Ankara could become more or less hard -line on the security issue, it all depends on the new government to be formed and this is not encouraging for the peace process,” said the insider.

“But the other two guarantors – Greece and Britain – are sending positive signals, they seem ready to let the new Republic stand on its own feet within the EU,” added the insider.

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  1. alphami2013alphami2013 said:

    no mixed message, just opposite views on security. The want turkish army, we don’t. Where’s the mixed message?

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