Members of the Property Compensation Commission criticize the government


Under the title “The state does not do its duty”, Turkish Cypriot daily Havadis newspaper (07.08.17) reports that Ayfer Said Erkmen, ‘chairman’ of the “Property Compensation Commission” established by Turkey in the occupied area of Cyprus, has told the paper that the decrease in the number of applications by Greek Cypriot refugees was obvious, that the “Commission’s” only duty was to be a “court” and that the “ministries” of “interior” and “finance” on behalf of the breakaway regime’s “government” were those which implement the decisions taken by the “Commission”. Noting that the “TRNC government” was the plaintiff in the applications filed to the “Commission”, Erkmen noted that their relations with the current UBP-DP “government” were not good and that they had been trying to get an appointment with “prime minister” Ozgurgun for over a year.

Moreover, in statements to the same paper, the ‘deputy chairman’ of the “Commission”, Romans Mapolar said that a wrong impression existed in the society that the “Commission” did not have money and did not make payments. “The Commission does not make payments, it takes decisions”, he noted adding that the compensations were paid by the “ministry” of interior on behalf of the “government”. Delay in the payments does not mean that our work is obstructed, he alleged.

Finally, Gungor Gunkan, ‘member’ of the “Commission”, told the paper that since 2014 Turkey had been asking for the implementation of the “special assessment tax” but the ‘governments” could not prepare the “contribution law”. “With the implementation of this law, the property issue could have been solved to a great extent”, he alleged.

Source: PIO

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