Lidington to come to Cyprus in order to “support” Edie

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Following UN Secretary Cyprus Special Consultant Espen Barth Eide’s arrival to Cyprus on Monday, the Europe Minister of England David Lidington will be coming to Cyprus on Tuesday.

KP Daily News

In the news given by Alithia Newspaper, with the heading; “Increase of action to decrease the tension ” it was stated that the contacts between Turkey-Greece-south Cyprus were increasing in order to eliminate the tension caused by the presence of Turkey in the Exclusive Economic Zone and the withdrawal of south Cyprus from the negotiations.

The newspaper noted that besides the arrival of UN Secretary Cyprus Special Advisor Espen Barth Eide on Monday, on Tuesday the 25th November UK’s Foreign Affairs and European Affairs Minister David Lidington will come to the island, and will hold several diplomatic contacts.

According to the news, in the statement of Greek Cypriot Government Spokesman Nikos Cristodoulidis, he noted that Lidington will be arriving in south Cyprus on the 25th November Tuesday, and will be meeting Greek Cypriot President Nikos Anastasiades and Foreign Affairs Minister Yoannis Kasulidis. Cristodoulidis underlined that the visit of Lidington was taking place at a critical period where developments are being experienced in the supposed MEB of south Cyprus. The newspaper leaning on a reliable source, asserted that Lidington will be coming to the island with the aim to develop the proposal presented by Eide in order for the negotiations to commence.


Cristodoulidis stated that Turkey should in the shortest time possible decide if they are going to be part of the energy collaboration on the countries in the area, adding that within this framework the Foreign Affairs Minister of Lebanon Gebran Bassil will be visiting south Cyprus in the following week. Cristodoulidis noted that Bassil will be meeting with Anastasiadis, Kasulidis, and Greek Cypriot Energy Minister Lakkotripis. The newspaper also reminded that a consensus was reached by the Greek Cypriot Party Leaders Congress the previous day about Eide’s refused proposal. The newspaper also wrote that, Cristodoulidis will be heading to Athens today for a series of contacts, noting that Turkish Foreign Affairs Minister Feridun Sinirlioglu and Turkish Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu will be visiting Athens on Sunday, meeting with Greek Foreign Affairs Ministry Secretary Anastasios Mitsialis.


 On the other hand, Phileleftheros newspaper wrote that the consensus reached at the Greek Cypriot Political Party Leaders Congress meeting was not reflected to the statements they gave to the public. The newspaper wrote that AKEL Secretary Andros Kiprianu noted that “the management of the natural resources and the formation of a federal government had reached a consensus at the Cristofias-Talat and Cristofias-Eroglu meetings,” blaming Anastasiadis for not taking a step in the Cyprus Problem. Kiprianu emphasized that returning to the negotiations was not an option.

The DIKO Party stated that the objection to Eide’s proposal was a right choice and that the issue of the natural gases should not be discussed before a solution. DIKO also noted that the addressing of the Cristofias- Talat agreements were dangerous because this would meet that the natural gases are part of the negotiations. Greek Cypriot People’s Alliance Movement Leader Yorgos Lillikas, stated his gratitude for the unity atmosphere formed in the congress meeting, calling out for the continuation of this atmosphere.

Greek Cypriot Ecology and Environment Movement emphasized that the meetings against Turkey to increase the preventions should start. According to the Haravgi newspaper, in the meeting between Anastasiadis and Eide, the “Cristofias-Talat and Christofias- Eroglu agreements will be addressed verbally but not written. The newspaper also wrote that like AKEL, DISI will also give the answer of “Christofias-Talat, Cristofias-Eroglu” agreement points to Eide. According to the news, DISI Leader Averof Neofitu stated that the answers given to Eide will be these agreements, adding that his party has never denied the agreement points between Cristofias-Talat.


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