Leaker general shows frightening signs of megalomania

Tales from the coffeeshop: Leaker general shows frightening signs of megalomania

OUR FARMERS were furious when they read reports about the alleged import of 16 tonnes of Turkish tomatoes, which were baptised as occupied Cyprus produce by the TC Chamber of Commerce (KTTO) and lawfully brought to the free areas by unpatriotic, profiteering vegetable suppliers thanks to the Green Line regulations.
Apart from this being a violation of the Green Line regulations, farmers warned that Turkish tomatoes were harmful not only to our national cause but also to our health because as Kibris Postasi reported, the pseudo health services had detected pesticides exceeding permitted levels.
The illegal tomatoes, according to the circulating gossip reported by the papers wanting to make the story more dramatic, were being supplied to the National Guard, a claim that had a positive side to it – the occupier was ensuring our Guardsmen were not deprived of their daily intake of vitamin C that makes them strong and healthy and better prepared to defend the country.

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  1. Mert CyMert Cy said:

    Majority of the things in the south are made and produced in Turkey – don’t know why this is coming to them as much of a shock. Anyone boycotting the tomatoes, should also boycott jumbo, ikea, zara and most probably other fruits and vegetables such as bananas etc. Good luck with that x

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