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Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus Flag on mountain.

For a couple of unusually windy weeks after the crossing points opened in 24 April 2003, my sister-in-law from mainland Turkey cleaned her small house in Kyrenia day in and day out in case its Greek Cypriot owners decided to visit.

The house was given to my parents after they fled Limassol in 1974, by Turkish Cypriot authorities for the property they had left behind, and was inherited by my brother. The Greek Cypriot owner of the small house – surrounded once by lemon orchards and multiple-storey apartments now –did visit. When he went into the room where his five-year-old daughter used to sleep in 1974, he found that it still looked like a little girl’s room because now, my brother’s five-year-old slept there.

He had coffee, picked lemons from his tree in the garden and left.

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  1. Glafkos CariolouGlafkos Cariolou said:

    many truths are omitted, refugees are only TC , TC fled but GC just left!!! And many other “interesting” discrebancies!!

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