Kyprianou statement after the meeting with the Bi-communal Peace Initiative “United Cyprus”


We had a very important, I would say, meeting with the Bi-communal Peace Initiative on the Cyprus problem. During this meeting, we exchanged views on the situation as it has evolved after the decision taken by the majority of the House of Representatives on the Enosis Day referendum and after Mr. Akinci’s decision not to go to the negotiations.

I will once again repeat AKEL’s position. Both leaders mustn’t continue their efforts to apportion responsibilities on each other. One must not try to win points over the other to return to the negotiating table. What both of them must try to do, and I repeat I am not getting into the blame game, is how the situation will be defused and how the resumption of substantive negotiations will become feasible. And if this is achieved, then they should discuss how this negotiation is productive so that it yields real results.

We have submitted our views to both leaders. Our wish is that they should realize their responsibilities towards our country and people, understand how hugely important it is to continue the negotiations. I reiterate the issue is not whether one wins points over the other. The essence is for Cyprus and the Cypriot people as a whole to win. We will continue our efforts in this direction and we are sincerely saddened because certain circles and forces are getting into petty political games that have no place when discussing issues that have to do with our country’s very future and perspective.

The patriotic attitude is to struggle until the end, to form such situations and a framework that will enable national interests to be served; the interests of the country and the Cypriot people as a whole; the interests of Greek Cypriots, Turkish Cypriots, Maronites, Armenians and Latins.

This is the patriotic stand and not that of exhausting oneself in empty patriotic rhetoric which with mathematical precision will lead our homeland to grave adventures and possibly to catastrophic consequences.

We have said that we will continue our discussions between us in an effort to contribute to the resumption of the negotiations, and if they resume to contribute towards having a substantive dialogue that will have prospects of success.

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