KTOS sent a letter to Anastasiades regarding the attacks against Turkish Cypriots noting the need for “peace education”

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During a speech by Dervis Eroglu, Turkish Cypriot teachers raised the slogan “we do not want education hostile to peace”


Turkish Cypriot daily Kibris newspaper (18.11.15) reports that the Turkish Cypriot primary school teachers’ trade union (KTOS) sent a letter to the President of the Republic of Cyprus Nicos Anastasiades, as regards the attack of nationalist groups in the government-controlled area of the Republic of Cyprus who are believed to be members of ELAM party against vehicles that belong to Turkish Cypriots.

KTOS noted in the letter that the incident stressed the need of peace education in both sides of Cyprus and added that measures must be taken so that the culture of peace be established in the island. “Ground must be created so that the two communities of the island approach and understand each other”, KTOS stated.


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