KTOS sent a letter to European Parliament accusing Turkey for oppressing the Turkish Cypriots


Turkish Cypriot daily Afrika newspaper (16.05.17) reports that Senerl Elcil, the general secretary of the Turkish Cypriot Primary School Teachers’ Union (KTOS) sent a letter to the President of the European Parliament Antonio Tajani noting that “the fascist oppression faced in Turkey is now directed towards EU citizens who live in the northern part of Cyprus”.

Elcil referred in his letter to the investigation launched upon a request of Ankara’s Office of the Chief Public Prosecutor, by the police of the breakaway regime for an article that journalist Kubilay Ozkirac wrote in Afrika paper and for the interrogation a few months ago by the “police” of Afrika’s journalist Sener Levent for his article “The Kurds and us”.

Source: PIO

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