KTOS criticized Berova for the practices he follows in the field of education


Turkish Cypriot daily Detay newspaper (14.06.17) reports that the “education secretary” of the “Turkish Cypriot teacher’s trade union” (“KTOS”) Burak Mavis, in a written statement, stated that the so-called ministry of education and culture’s aim, is to close some schools in the “TRNC” or to unite them and clarified that they would not permit such thing to happen.

Mavis condemned the so-called minister for the practices he follows in the “field of education”, supporting that instead of opening new schools in the “country” and increasing the education hours, the “ministry” wants the contrary, that is the closing of schools. “In our country, there are 192 mosques which counterweigh to 160 schools. Ozdemir Berova, who is the minister who exerts efforts to close schools and continue with the building of more mosques, will go down in history. If Berova cannot decide for the construction of more schools especially in Keryneia this year, he will be written in history as the minister who left children without education”, Mavis further stated.

He continued and underlined that “KTOS” will continue its struggle against the closure of schools.

Source: PIO

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