Izcan: Those who supported Akinci expect him to push for finding a federal solution and not to put butter on status quo supporters’ bread


Turkish Cypriot daily Afrika newspaper (09.08.17) reports that Izzet Izcan, chairman of the United Cyprus Party (BKP), has described as “adventurist and hollow debates” the issue of the return of Maronite Cypriots to their occupied villages and the opening of the occupied fenced off city of Varosha under Turkish administration. In a written statement issued yesterday, Izcan said that “submitting separatist proposals benefits nothing else than the escalation of tension which started after the Crans Montana” and that the target of these debates is to prevent a federal solution.

Criticizing Turkish Cypriot leader Akinci’s recent statements, Izcan recalled that Akinci had been elected with the votes of the supporters of the federal solution in Cyprus and what is expected from him is to insist on policies which will push for a federal solution at the negotiating table and not to make statement that put butter on the status quo supporters’ bread.

“This is why all parties and civilian organization which supported Akinci, including the BKP, offered this support”, he noted adding that the pro-solution forces in both sides of the island should exert pressure on the leaders for the resumption of the talks.

Source: PIO

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