Historic moment for Cyprus football reunification after 60 years of division

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Cyprus Turkish Football Association President Hasan Sertoglu held a press conference today to announce their intention to apply for membership to the Greek Cypriot Football Federation KOP.

Touching on the intention by the Turkish Football Federation TFF to open a representative office in the TRNC, Sertoglu said if a representational office is going to be opened in a country; it is respectful to inform the organisation involved on the matter about it first.

Sertoglu speaking at the press conference strongly condemned the government and all those involved with their attitude towards the Cyprus Turkish association.

He noted that the 45 days given to the TFF were up, and as of today (10.00 am) a letter had been sent to KOP, FIFA, President Office and Sports Ministry citing their application to KOP. He said that in their interest they have elected to choose this path.

Sertoglu announced the details of the application in a live press conference this morning. Sertoglu pointed out that today was the 48th day since their decision and looked at what had happened during that time.

He said the Turkish Federation boss Demiroren had come to the island on the invitation of the President; however Demiroren did not call on the CTFA during his visit and left the island. He went on to say that as the CTFA administration, it was their duty to claim our own institutions.

Sertoglu criticised Denktas for not even being aware that Turkish citizens had been crossing to the south from Pyla for the past 10 years and coming back; sports was a totally different issue and did not recognise citizenship.

He noted that Serdar Denktas sent a letter to the clubs today citing that the clubs did not have the authority to make such a decision; Sertoglu asked – did Denktas ask the public every time he made a decision? No!

What now?

Sertoglu said their consultant had come and they have been holding meetings for 4 days. He noted that they had met with the President of KOP and informed him that the CTFA would be writing to FIFA. The letter has now been sent to FIFA, UEFA and KOP. He noted that 5 steps had to be taken; 4 of these were simple and one of them was based on the rules and regulations which was difficult but could be overcome. A general council would be held to decide.



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