Hic Rhodus hic salta

Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus Flag on mountain.

Last week I enumerated ten CBM’s which I consider of priority for the building of trust between the two communities, so essential for preparing the ground for the day after the solution, which remains our principal goal.

I left out intentionally two CBMs which could be realised only by bold decisions of the new Turkish Cypriot leader, Mustafa Akinci, who is known for his determination, his courage and his genuine desire for reconciliation.

1.   The first refers to the flag site on the Pentadaktylos mountain range, which was constructed in 1993 in an area of 111,000 square meters, as big as 12 football fields. The site consists of the “TRNC” flag painted on the mountain slope, having next to it carved the Kemalist statement “Ne mutlu Türküm diyene”( How happy is the one who says I am a Turk),  which is a motto of the Republic of Turkey. Above this phrase, a crescent and a star forming the Turkish flag are also carved on the mountain.

In 2006 the site was illuminated with thousands of light bulbs, to make it also visible throughout the night. Since then, the flag construction remains a daily message of Turkey and Turkish Cypriot nationalists that the occupied lands are and will remain Turkish.

To their credit, many Turkish Cypriot politicians, academics and journalists have criticised the flag construction as provocative……….

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  1. The PhilosopherThe Philosopher said:

    This 3rd world practice with giant symbols has to stopped and the ‘flag’ be erased as a sign of T/C goodwill to move forward

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