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Hearing problems and cricket - The Cypriot Puzzle

Hearing problems and cricket



No matter what positive statement the Turkish Cypriot leader may make on Cyprob, our bunch of well-known super patriots can’t hear it, or choose not to hear it. The latest example is Akinci’s statement on 1974. He said that it was a war and the main victims were Greek Cypriots. He mentioned it twice and the second time in front of the Turkish President. He said it but, apparently, people in parties like Diko, Edek, Citizens’ Alliance, and the Greens have serious hearing problems and Akinci’s statement wasn’t registered. Fortunately, the Turkish Cypriot leader’s statement was not in vain. Our patriots managed to salvage some comfortably negative references to the Greek coup d’etat that provoked the invasion. They also managed to verify that Akinci didn’t carpet Erdogan for Turkey’s despicable actions on July 20, 1974, as anyone who depended on Ankara’s handouts would have done. Thank God for selective hearing.

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