Haunding memories By @Ykanli #hurriyet

By @ykanli

Did any Greek Cypriot official or civilian (forget Turkish Cypriots) face court for the crimes committed against humanity? If, for example, anyone from 40-day-old newborns to 93-year-old grandpas were massacred indiscriminately and the population of three villages with the exception of a shepherd were killed or buried alive, can such a crime escape justice for almost fifty years?

Did you hear the names of the Maratha (Muratağa), Santalaris (Sandallar) and Aloda (Atlılar) villages or ever hear of what happened to the 126 people living in those three settlements just few kilometers away from Famagusta and very close to the famous Saint Barnabas Monastery? After the first Turkish intervention on July 20, the EOKA-B terrorist gang gathered all the men of the village and sent them to prison in Limassol. Thus, the women, kids and elderly Turkish Cypriot population of the villages were totally defenseless.

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  1. Penelope SacorafouPenelope Sacorafou said:

    Why forget the Turkish Cypriots? Why not look at the crimes of all Cypriots during that time?

  2. Peace BuilderPeace Builder said:

    50% of history @ykanli, here an article also from Sevgul Ulutag, mentions crimes committed from TMT. https://t.co/5YSY8emWfy

  3. alexiko brown said:

    Mr @ykanli is so happy with ELAM actions. What a pathetic article…

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