Greek President calls on Turkey to prove its good will on Cyprus

President of the Hellenic Republic Prokopis Pavlopoulos has called on Turkey to prove its good intentions regarding the Cyprus problem and stressed that Turkey can not make a step towards the EU if it does not respect Cyprus independence and sovereignty.
The Greek President who is paying Cyprus a visit, was received today by the Acting President of the Republic, House President, Yiannakis Omirou at the Parliament, with whom he discussed, inter alia, the Cyprus problem.
Pavlopoulos told Omirou who welcomed him to Cyprus and the House of Representatives where their meeting took place, that the ongoing division of the island is unacceptable and a shame on the international community and the EU. He noted that a Cyprus solution should comply with the international and European law, safegaurding the Republic of Cyprus as a sovereign state in the international community and as an EU and Eurozone full member state.
Yiannakis Omirou on his part noted that due to the intransigence of the Turkish side repeated efforts for the past 41 years to reach a democratic, functional and viable solution, based on the principles of international law and European law, did not succeeded.
He also said that the resumption of talks for resolving the Cyprus problem, should not lead to “high expectations or an unjustified euphoria”.
Greek Cypriots want a solution, he stressed and pointed out that this has been the case from the very next day of the Turkish invasion in 1974. However, he went on to say, we wish for a solution of the Cyprus problem and not a dissolution of the Republic of Cyprus.
On his part Greek President noted that Cyprus` occupation must end and the island to be set free from occupation while occupying forces in European territory would ceased to exist.
The Greek President also underlined that any solution of the Cyprus solution must be compatible with international and European law. That means, he pointed out, a solution that ensures the Republic of Cyprus as a sovereign state in the international community and as a state which is a full member of the EU and Eurozone.
He also stressed that after a settlement is reached neither settlers or occupation forces nor guarantor powers should continue to exist.
Prokopis Pavlopoulos also stressed that the solution of the Cyprus issue depends largely on Turkey. In this context he expressed the hope that after the Turkish elections but also in relation to the refugee crisis, Turkey will realize its enormous responsibility with regard to the status quo in Cyprus.
He also expressed hope that the EU will exert pressure on Turkey so that it respects international and European laws.
Source: CNA

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