Greek Cypriot Students condemn occupation & call for reunification of Cyprus

Hundreds of Greek Cypriot students took part in demonstrations in Nicosia and other towns on Friday against the occupation regime on the 31st anniversary of UDI.

Holding banners reading “Together United” and “Cyprus will never fall” secondary school students took to the streets in the morning to take part in the demonstration. 

President of the Pancyprian Coordinating Committee of Students Loizos Kyriakides said the international community must pressure Turkey into abandoning its provocations against Cyprus so that the peace negotiations can resume through a UN brokered framework.
“The Greek Cypriot side must stand united and support the unification procedure”.

Speaking to the media from outside the Pattichio Municipal Theatre in Larnaca, Head of the Pancyprian Coordinating Committee of Larnaca Students Anastasios Nicolaou said the protest is taking place ahead of Saturday, which marks 31 years since Turkish Cypriots unilaterally declared the ‘Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus’ which only Turkey recognises.

A prerequisite to the solution to the Cyprus problem, added Nicolaou, is for Cyprus to rid itself of the occupying forces so that its people can be repatriated. 

“Greek Cypriots and Turkish Cypriots must be left alone to live in peace away from the influence of foreign imperialist intervention”.

Protest in Nicosia were marred by an isolated stone throwing incident involving extremists from right-wing group Elam and Turks on the other side of the Green Line near Ledra Palace. Police said nobody was hurt during the incident.

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