Glafcos Clerides saved the life of a Turkish Cypriot World War II soldier

A Turkish Cypriot World War II soldier, serving with the British army, and a Greek Cypriot soldier, both imprisoned in the same German camp. A friendship is born in captivity, as the Greek Cypriot, Glafcos Clerides, who later became President of Cyprus, saves the life of his Turkish Cypriot compatriot, Ibrahim Salih Bekir, whom the Germans mistakenly took for a Jew by the name of Abraham.

Bekir, 97 years old today, in an interview with CNA, reveals his memories about World War II and his friendship with Clerides. He also recounts some other stories when he served at the Central Prisons in Nicosia during the British colonial rule and explains how he met Cypriot resistance fighter Michalakis Karaolis, the first EOKA member to be sentenced to death alongside Andreas Dimitriou on 10 May 1956.

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