Get ready: it’s that hole in the water time again

Get ready: it’s that hole in the water time again

THE HISTORY of the Cyprus problem has taught the same thing over the years – namely it teaches us nothing. Even these days, in a climate of ‘heightened optimism’ (yet again) we seem unable to rise above the weaknesses that have always marked our behaviour and I refer particularly to our side.

The big words, idiotic slogans, pompous rhetoric and our insistence on not seeing our own mistakes, and the painful realities these have created, never cease to be the main features of our bizarre behaviour.

This has contributed to our problem remaining unsolved for over 50 years.

No day passes without us demonstrating our irrational political mentality. Even now that we have agreed to resume negotiations between the two leaders and their representatives, we keep at it. Before the procedure had even begun our parties and politicians started their usual type of public negotiations, based on the rhetoric I mentioned, among themselves.

They always find a pretext for this. The latest was provided by the US ambassador, John Koenig, who was answering questions at…………

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