G/c and T/c parties call for a democratic, just and lasting solution

According to the Joint Communique read out by Oksana Tomova, Ambassador of Slovak Republic, they discussed the issue proposed by the hosting, Socialist Party EDEK: “What are the basic parameters for a
Democratic solution to the Cyprus problem?”. The representatives of the political parties of both sides of the island “call upon two leaders to work hard for a solution to the Cyprus problem based on the above-mentioned principles”.
EDEK President Marinos Sizopoulos, who departed before the end of the meeting due to other commitments, said during his intervention that the nature of the meetings at the Ledra Palace needed to be redefined.
According to an announcement by EDEK, Sizopoulos wondered whether the aim was a “velvet divorce” like in the case of the dissolution of Czechoslovakia, or even a bloody division, or perhaps a democratic solution to the Cyprus problem, in order to live peacefully together. If our aim is the latter, we need to redefine the framework of our meetings, he concluded.
The next regular meeting of the leaders and the representatives of the political parties will be held on Wednesday 21 October, 2015 at the Ledra Palace.
Source: CNA

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