Flash mob protest at parliament in solidarity with Dogus Derya

Gender Equality Platform held a flash mob protest at the parliament in solidarity with CTP-BG MP Doğus Derya who was targeted by obscene invectives and threats on social media.

Kıbrıs Postası – Hasan Yıkıcı / Deniz Abidin

The members of the Gender Equality Platform entered the parliament all wearing purple and opened a banner which read “We won’t keep quite against violence”. After the protestors opened the banner parliament’s security intervened causing a brief quarrel between the protestors and the security. 

Protestors who closed their mouths with black bands protesting the attacks against freedom of speech were taken out of the saloon while Mehmet Çağlar who was leading the session announced 10 minutes prorogue. TDP MPs Zeki Çeler and Mehmet Çakıcı supported the protestors alongside several CTP-BG MPs while the protestors were being taken out after chanting slogans: “Women cannot be silenced by rape”, “Doğuş Derya is not alone”.


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