Financial Times: Beacon of hope glimmers in Cyprus stand-off

TO GO WITH AFP STORY BY SONIA WOLF Briti...TO GO WITH AFP STORY BY SONIA WOLF British UN soldiers ride their bicyles past a Turkish army position as they patrol the green line separating the divided Cypriot capital of Nicosia on October 16, 2009. In the buffer zone of "no man's land" in Nicosia, all that remains are the shells of once-sumptuous houses, long ago invaded by nature in the form of cacti or fig and olive trees. Turkey invaded Cyprus in 1974 in response to an Athens-engineered Greek Cypriot coup in Nicosia seeking union with Greece. AFP PHOTO/PATRICK BAZ (Photo credit should read PATRICK BAZ/AFP/Getty Images)

Anyone who is confident that 2016 will be the breakthrough year for the Cyprus dispute, one of the world’s oldest and seemingly most insoluble diplomatic problems, would benefit from an hour with Alexis Galanos.

Mr Galanos, 75, is the Greek Cypriot mayor-in-exile of Famagusta, a once thriving port city and tourist resort on the east coast that fell under Turkey’s control after its armed forces invaded Cyprus in 1974.

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    @greeksinart Do you see hope in #Turkish flag?Are you such mor..,whoever you represent?Look what Turkey is doing to citizens

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