Federal Cyprus Movement meets with AKEL

A delegation from the Federal Cyprus Movement (which was established a few months ago with AKEL) yesterday met with the AKEL GS Andros Kyprianou and AKEL Central Board member Tombazos Celebis. Representatives from the initiative discussed the Cyprus issue and the establishment of the initiative.

Kyprianou speaking at the meeting pointed to their worries regarding the present situation and noted that the country faced the threat of permanent division. He underlined that their aim was a federal solution and one they defended wholeheartedly.
Speaking on behalf of the Federal Cyprus Movement, Niyazi Kizilyurek said the main aim of establishing this initiative was to develop a federal political approach before or after a solution and to develop this approach. Kizilyurek said their approach was a tried and tested one and underlined that it aimed to bring together the federalists on the island, adding that it was not a bi-communal initiative.
A statement from the movement said they would be conducting meetings with political parties and NGOs on both sides. 



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