Fear factor at work over the property issue

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Ever since the two leaders – Mustafa Akinci and Nicos Anastasiades – started discussing the topic of property little over a month ago, Turkish Cypriots have come under a heavy bombardment of disinformation and speculation.

Fabricated maps showing an exorbitant amount of territory being given to a future Greek Cypriot constituent state, rumours that all the Greek Cypriot properties in the northern part of Cyprus will be reinstituted to their original owners and exaggerated news reports of Greek Cypriots pounding at the door of their homes now inhabited by Turkish Cypriots are doing the rounds.

Although some of this may be due to misunderstanding or lack of knowledge, the greater part of it is clearly deliberately aimed at inciting fear, creating doubts and turning Turkish Cypriots against a prospective settlement. Misreporting by some Greek Cypriot media and failure of the Turkish Cypriot leadership to address the spread of disinformation and has added fuel to the fire.

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