Dherynia crossing point ‘may be used as propaganda’

Turkish Cypriot daily Kibris newspaper (13.08.15) reports that so-called security circles insist on building an alternative road for the opening of a crossing point in Deryneia area, because of the protest held in 1996 in that area and the murder of Greek Cypriot Solomos Solomou. The paper recalls that the community leaders have agreed on the opening of two crossing points: in Deryneia and Apliki areas. It is estimated that the opening of both crossing points will take long.
The Famagusta Initiative activist, Serdar Atai told Kibris that the problem derives from the concerns of the “security authorities” which are worried that the Greek Cypriots will use this point as a means of “counter-propaganda” because of Solomou’s murder. “We do not want to hear military pretexts any more”, noted Atai adding that they conveyed this view to UN Secretary-General’s Special Adviser Espen Barth Eide during their last meeting. He said that they expect an agreement to be reached on the route of the crossing point by the end of August.
UN spokesman Aleem Siddique told Kibris that a lot of work needs to be done for the opening of both crossing points and added that technical problems exist. Siddique said that the UN will asphalt the road in both crossing points and in both sides of the Green Line.
Finally, the co-chairman of the committee of Lefka Apliki area and chairman of Lefka foundation trustee committee, Vehip Nekipzade said that the works are proceeding very slowly. He noted that they were expecting the road to be open in October but it seems that this will happen by the end of the year.


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