Exchange of land records: a win-win CBM

Exchange of land records: a win-win CBM

As a result of the events of 1963 and 1974, the authorities of the republic lost possession of some official land records which continue to be in the hands of the occupying forces. The first loss occurred in 1963 and concerned the land records of the Nicosia district because the district office was housed in the Turkish Cypriot sector of Nicosia. Later, an agreement was reached whereby the records that concerned communities or city areas which were purely or predominantly Greek Cypriot were returned to the lawful authorities. Although the republic has photocopies of several authentic registers which are still in the possession of the other side, the existing picture of properties in the Nicosia district is not complete.

Much more serious is, of course, the problem concerning the land records of Famagusta and Kyrenia districts which were lost to the republic after the invasion.

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