[Event] Anti-militarist Peace Operation 2015

A concert is being organised in Nicosia, Cyprus, on 14th of August in order to raise awareness on the issues of anti-militarisation, freedom and coexistence. The concert is part of our broader fight against all armies on both sides of the division line. This will be the sixth year that this concert will be held.The name of the concert “Anti-Militarist Peace Operation”, ironically refers to the misrepresentation of the invasion by the Turkish State as a ‘Peace Operation’.The significance of the date is that this is the day when the 2nd wave of Turkish invasive forces stepped foot on the island and a day after the infamous quote of “Ayse can go on holiday” was expressed by the Turkish Prime Minister of the time to the Foreign Minister initiating the Operation. The promotion material, as well as the previous concerts, have already received a lot of attention. A modified, anti-militarist version of the commonly used sign indicating military areas is used. In the sign, instead of the soldier holding a gun we see a soldier holding a guitar and the ‘attention military zone’ quote is replaced by ‘attention non-military zone’.
Like every year BANDISTA will be performing as well as other bands that will be announced shortly.

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