Ertugruloglu accused the Greek Cypriot side for showing an uncompromising stance in Crans Montan


According to Bayrak television (01.07.17) so-called foreign minister Tahsin Ertugruloglu criticised the Greek Cypriot side’s stance at the Cyprus conference in Crans-Montana.

In a written statement, Ertugruloglu alleged that he was pleased with his Turkish counterpart’s statement and thanked him for his uncompromising attitude towards the issue of security and guarantees which have vital importance for the Turkish Cypriot side.

Further claiming that the Turkish Cypriot side see Turkey’s active and effective guarantees in Cyprus as an inevitable part of a solution, Ertugruloglu also supported Cavusoglu in his rejection on Thursday of suggestions there could be “zero” Turkish troops stationed on the island in future.

Ertugruloglu also condemned what he claimed as “uncompromising attitude” of the Greek Cypriot side during the Crans-Montana talks.

(…)Noting that the Greek Cypriot side and its political parties reacted to the Turkish Foreign Minister’s statement as though it was a ‘distortion’ or ‘unacceptable’, Ertugruloglu accused the Greek Cypriot side of trying to warp the purpose of the conference even before it began and begin a blame game process. “What they are doing now is a continuation of their campaign. They are not in Crans-Montana to finalise the chapters but to block it or leave the issues inconclusive”, Ertugruloglu alleged, and called on the Greek Cypriot side to show a more result orientated and constructive stance and accept the fact that this conference is an indication that the final phase has been reached just like others have accepted, as he claimed.

Source: PIO

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