Eroglu’s announcement on his wealth is reportedly not convincin


Turkish Cypriot daily Havadis newspaper (15.04.15) reports that Turkish Cypriot leader Dervis Eroglu announced his wealth speaking to illegal Bayrak television last night and responding to a question by Huseyin Ekmekci, editing director of Havadis. Eroglu said that he has a house at Kizilbas area in the occupied part of Nicosia, where he is currently living, a plot of land at Kizilbas area in occupied Nicosia that belongs to his spouse, a house in occupied Famagusta where he is living, a plot of land next to the house taken with “points of equal value” [Translator’s note: these are points given by the breakaway regime from Turkish Cypriot property located in the government-controlled area of the island], a plot of land at Agios Loukas area taken with “points of equivalent value”, four apartments and a shop built on a plot of land at Agios Loukas area taken with “points of equivalent value” in occupied Famagusta, a plot of land in occupied Keryneia, 600 thousand Turkish liras (TL) in “Cooperative Central Bank”, 462 thousand TL in Iktisat Bank, 410 thousand TL in Vakiflar Bank, 275 thousand pound sterling in Vakiflar Bank, 407 thousand US dollars in Vakiflar Bank, a BMW car model of 2008 and a plot of land in occupied Famagusta purchased before 1974.

Eroglu defended himself saying that “God willing I will buy a 2015-model car” and that everyone in the “country” seems to have a house and a car.

Turkish Cypriot daily Halkin Sesi newspaper (15.04.15) also refers to the issue under the banner front-page title “Where did this wealth come from?” and reports that Eroglu refrained from saying from where he had acquired this wealth. Noting that Eroglu argued that this wealth is his earnings from his 40-year long political life and that the majority of this property is acquired as a return of “points of equivalent value”, the paper writes that this statement is not convincing.



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