Eroğlu: “If Russia recognizes TRNC Cyprus problem would be solved”


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According to The Voice of Russia (VoR) Turkish Cypriot President Derviş Eroğlu who gave an interview to them said that Russia is a strong state and has the power to solve the Cyprus problem.

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Speaking to VoR Eroğlu said “North Cyprus is a state, we have a parliament, security forces and legislative organs. But we are in favour of making peace with Greek Cypriots; we are in favour of living under the roof of the Cyprus state which will be formed by two federal states. This is our message to the world: We are ready for a federal solution. We want the powerful countries like Russia to see the realities of Cyprus.

Eroğlu continued his words as following: US and EU imposed sanctions on Russia because of Russia’s policies in Ukraine. But sanctions should be the last resource. Look at Cyprus problem, which was created by Greece and Greek Cypriots. They are both EU members who are imposing embargoes on us. However we are not the ones who destroyed the Cyprus Republic, we have not started the armed struggle against them, they started it. We used armed only to defend ourselves. The rest of the world says ‘Russia invaded Crimea” however a referendum was held in Crimea. Every nation has the right to self determination and people of Crimea chose to be united with Russia. As Turkish Cypriots we also have this right but they tell us to sit down and negotiate. Russia would not benefit from it’s friendship with Greece and Greek Cypriots but if they further their relations with Turkey they can mutually benefit from this cooperation. That is the reason why Turkey did the right thing by not joining in with the others and didn’t impose sanctions on Russia.

If Russia recognizes us Cyprus problem would be solved

Commenting of Russian Liberal Democrats Party leader Vladimir Jirinovski’s earlier suggestion in which he said “lets recognize north Cyprus Eroğlu said that the suggestion was very rational . “If Russia recognizes TRNC this will lead for the two states in Cyprus to live in peace. If Russia recognizes us two states living side by side in peace can be created.


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