Eroglu criticizes Talat for saying “no” in a possible referendum will deeper isolation

Turkish Cypriot daily Kibris newspaper (21.09.15) reports that former Turkish Cypriot leader, Dervis Eroglu has criticized the leader of the Republican Turkish Party – United Forces (CTP-BG), Mehmet Ali Talat for saying that the so-called embargo and isolation of the Turkish Cypriots will become deeper if they vote “no” to a solution of the Cyprus problem in a possible referendum.

Under the title “The conclusion that the people are forced to say yes is wrong”, the paper writes that in a written statement, Eroglu argued that the Turkish Cypriot “people” should exert efforts for finding a solution to the Cyprus problem, but first it is absolutely necessary to protect their security and safety having a healthy dialogue and cooperation with Turkey.

Eroglu criticized Talat for the statements he had recently made in occupied Morfou in which he referred to what will happen in case the Turkish Cypriots vote “no” in a possible referendum.

Eroglu described as “a wrong attitude” to say that the “embargo” and the “isolation” will become deeper if the Turkish Cypriots vote “no” in the referendum and to conclude that the “people” are forced to say “yes”, while there is no clear information on what kind of agreement will be reached.

Eroglu claimed that Talat’s approach leads to the conclusion that the Turkish Cypriots should say “yes” even if a “bad agreement” is put before them. He argued that it is not possible to describe this mentality as a “correct and realistic” one.

Eroglu accused Talat of trying to cause fear to the Turkish Cypriots and alleged that he has not established that the Greek Cypriot side “has come to a more positive point” during the negotiations between President Anastasiades and Turkish Cypriot leader Akinci.



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