Eroglu: Anastasiades have left the talks in order to escape a unified solution.

Published by: KP Daily News

Turkish Cypriot President Derviş Eroglu stated that south Cyprus does not want a fair system based on political equality with the Turkish Cypriots, adding that the Anastasiades have left the talks in order to escape a unified solution.

Eroglu who spoke to Turkish TV channel Kanal A stated that; “We are the ones who are showing effort for a solution, we are the ones setting forth a calendar and carrying the negotiations to the take-give stage. South Cyprus is implementing a diversion tactic so they can withdraw from the talks. The United Nations Organization should now understand this and take up a position against south Cyprus who are not approaching for a solution.”

“Turkey’s withdrawing its vessels would be loss of prestige”
Upon a question regarding results of Eide’s Eroğlu said: “On his visit to Ankara he has made some requests but his requests have not been received positively. When he returns, he may have a suggestion to withdraw the vessels inthree months. He has performed some activities regarding of what can be done besides Turkey’s show of flexibility so that south Cyprus can return to the table. Probably he will bring these suggestions to us too. It is not right to expect the Turkish Cypriots to abandon their rights and for Turkey to leave their activities which it is performing on behalf of the Turkish Cypriots, when south Cyprus’ attitude is evident. He may also try to start a shuttle diplomacy informally. The shuttle diplomacy might be vital for the Greek Cypriots’ aim to kill the clock. We are not waiting for a shuttle diplomacy but we are waiting for the Greek Cypriots to return to the table.”


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