Erk:TFFs letter to FIFA asking permission to open a branch in N.Cyprus is a scandal

General Secretary of Republican Turkish Party (CTP) Kutlay Erk said that TFF’s letter to FIFA was a “scandal” .
 Erk was speaking during a TV program hosted by Gökhan Altıner where he said that TFF’s letter to FIFA asking for a permission to open a branch in north Cyprus.

TFF’s initiative was made without any coordination with the Cyprus Turkish Football Association. Answering Altıner’s question whether the disagreements among the coalition partners would lead to a government crises Erk said that for CTP the letter was regarded as a “scandal” but that it would not lead to a crises between coalition partners.

“I don’t think there will be crises in the government, until the elections we will do everything to make sure the government is functioning properly. If the government operates without a problem there shouldn’t be a problem after the elections either” said Erk.

Erk also said that the fact that TFF did not contact with CTFA before submitting the letter to FIFA was a diplomatic scandal and that a move that put “TRNC in big trouble at the foreign policy front”.


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